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Lead Staff

Victor Gonzalez
Owner/ Executive Chef

Brenda Figueroa
Owner/Operating Manager

Melissa Williams

Julian Chanaga


Welcome to Fig’s Prime

As restaurateurs, my wife Brenda Figueroa (the “fig” in Fig’s Prime) and I, hope you enjoy your experience.  Our favorite memories often stem from the times we feel cozily connected to a place and its people. Through this restaurant we want you to feel connected to a dining experience the way ingredients are connected to food.  Whether it is our upscale ambiance, our attentive staff, or our dishes, we hope our warmth and layers of texture leave your palette feeling naturally crisp and your spirit feeling like this is the kind of place you want to return; hopefully, with a friend or two.

I, Executive Chef Victor Gonzalez, and my wife, love our community.  I bring to Fig’s Prime training in Italian cooking and thirty plus years’ experience working in a number of fine Orlando area restaurants.  I worked for one of Epcot's restaurants for many years after coming from Puerto Rico to Orlando. In addition to English and Spanish, I learned to speak fluent Italian while working at Epcot.  For fun, feel free to speak to me in any of those languages.

In 2001, we took over ownership of Pizza Pasta in Apopka and renamed it Cafe Urbino.  A few years later, we opened Trattoria D’ Urbino in Ocoee. We sold Cafe Urbino in 2006 and after years of success, we closed Trattoria D’ Urbino in 2009.  We knew we wanted to do something more contemporary and wanted the dishes that crossed ethnic boundaries, including some of our own family favorites. From there, to garner additional experience, I became Executive Chef in a Winter Park restaurant and also covered their expansion into College Park.  During that time, Brenda worked for a prime steakhouse in Winter Park where she dove into the finer points of service and gathered extensive wine knowledge. All of this culminated into the creation of Fig’s Prime -- an upscale dining atmosphere with amazing ambiance, delectable food and friendly service.

Please Enjoy!


Chef Victor  


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